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December 1, 2003

We were just starting up the side of the unrelenting Loch Arkaig road when I realised that I had left my weekends carryout back in MacDonald’s in the Fort, what a pisser. Ok, so can’t cry over spilt milk – who can’t!

The Novice had just told me for the third time his climbing plans for the winter ( I used to think Bellies was boring) when we arrived at our destination – a locked gate. What is it with these estates and locked gates? This one was new; I wander who they were trying to keep out? It wasn’t walkers because there was the usual gate avoidance device, aye a stile. Perhaps it was poachers but even if all the poachers in Knoydart spent every hour of every day there would still be enough beasts to go round - 400 000 at the last count.


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