You can access the message board HERE


The following may help you to find your way around the board.



  • You don’t need to join ‘langie-message-board’ to post. But we would encourage all club members to do so, so that you can set your identity and we can all see who is posting.

  • You will need a Google Account in order to post using the web interface.  To create a Google Account, click on the ‘Join group to post’ button and follow the instructions.

  • If you don’t want to create a Google Account then you can post using email instead. To submit a new post via email: send an email to The subject line of the email will be the title of the post, and the body of the email will be the content of the post.

  • To start a new thread, click New Topic.

  • To post a reply, click on the thread and message you want to reply to and click one of the ‘Post Reply’ buttons.  The text of the message you are replying to will appear copied below and within your own message, so that you can refer to it, but can be deleted if you wish.

  • Only the managers can post photos.



  • Make sure you are signed in to your Google Account.

  • When you are viewing the message board, click ‘Join group, enter your Display Name and add a profile picture if you wish, then click ‘Join this group’.

  • You can sign out of your account by clicking on your photo in the top right hand corner – essential if using public computers.

  • To cancel your membership of the group send an email to



  • Name:  Make sure you give yourself a message-board name e.g. ‘rabhaw’, ‘the hidden one’.  All members will be able to access the list of member message-board names. If you don't give yourself a name, then your email address will be used as your name by default.

  • Email:  The board is set so that only the group managers can see members email addresses - so long as you have given yourself a name!  So your email address will not be accessible to ordinary members unless you have not given yourself a name.

  • Photo: You can choose not to have a photo. Or you can upload a photo specifically for the group if you want to.  Alternatively you can link your group membership to your Google+ account, which will mean that your account photo is displayed next to your name, but will also allow people to link through to your google pages. 

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