Party weekend June 2001

Arisaig 16th June 2001, a small sleepy campsite on the west coast of Scotland between Fort William and Mallaig would be the scene for the Langie 2001 a Party Odyssey.

Four arrived first, a small efficient (thought they were) team who earlier that day failed dramatically on The Doss Door, a simple moderate lock fixing route that was doomed at the start. When arriving at the Kinghouse carpark everybody thought somebody else had the keys. The project never got off the ground, the door was lock fast. We would return tomorrow, Sunday, with a key. Meanwhile the four headed to the bar for lunch and a few pints before heading west to Arisaig

In dribs and drabs, some even had cars, the troops arrived, tents pitched, food prepared, barbecues aligned for the onslaught of marinated stakes, lovingly prepared kebabs, pre-boiled potatoes and the McMurdos sausages, yes, that’s all we had sausages. And once on the barbecue they smoked more than a laboratory Beagle.

Did you hear about the two Scientists that got a Beagle to smoke two hundred cigarettes a day over six months. The Scientists received an award for medical research, the Beagle got a colour telly with the coupons. ( This really ought to be censored, Ed )

Mike had the foresight to bring along a multi-coloured wind break which was hastily erected around the barbecues as the almost force 10 gale threatened to send the various uncooked meats off across the campsite like a flock of Pink Flamingos.

Dinner over and done with, it was to the beach, where a roaring fire kept us warm, as did the many bottles of sherry, and beer that helped fight off the cold, till the wee small hours. Davie brought only one bottle of beer, it contained 2 litres of beer, but still only one bottle. It was a not so sure footed group, Geoff in particular had a ‘sair heid’ after head butting the Scottish shore line during an altercation with a rather large log, that made their way back to the tents before dawn.

Sunday morning was glorious, bright sunshine and a light warm breeze, a shame to have to pack up and head home, but we had the Doss Door to do on the return journey. Due to the Glencoe road being closed we had to head south to Oban and then to Tyndrum adding a fair mileage and time to the trip home, and getting nowhere near the Doss Door. The lock as I type, remains unchanged, but the challenge is still there for next weekend, we will be victorious, eventually.

Great party everybody, Caroline thoroughly enjoyed herself to the extent she was asking where the party will be next year.


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