President :  

Chair :  Michael L

Treasurer :  Sheryl Harvey

Secretary :  Willie Milne

Meets Convenor :  Graham Lewis

Cragging Secretary : David Jung

Hut Custodian :  John Retson

Web Manager :  Matthew Caulfield

General Members : Charlie Hardie, Paul McIndoe and 

Membership fees

Individual member: £35.00

Couple: £65.00

Retired: £20.00

Already member of Mountaineering Scotland: £20.00

Unwaged: £20.00

Membership fees are for the full year and part of your membership fee includes payment for you to become a member of Mountaineering Scotland.  If you are already a member of Mountaineering Scotland (either through individual membership, or through another club), you will only pay the reduced price above.  We pay Mountaineering Scotland club membership by the end of May, so please make sure your payment is made by then.

Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment (to obtain the bank account details e-mail website or e-mail address, or enquire via the WhatsApp group).  Please give the payment a clear reference so that we know who is making the payment.  After you have made payment, e-mail or text Alma to let her know.


Please do not bring money to pay for membership fees to a meet.